Matt Yantha is an actor living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In Investigative Discovery's "Web Of Lies" (2015), Matt plays Detective Donnie Ohana, an A&M Police Department Detective, in search of answers following a professor's suicide. Also, in another Investigative Discovery program, Matt portrays David Canty. David is an eccentric gun enthusiast that knows a little too much about a University of Kentucky football player's murder, in "Murder U" (2016).

Matt also had the honour of portraying Thomas D'arcy McGee in The Historica-Dominion Institute's Heritage Minutes' short film "Sir John A. Macdonald" and Robert Spence in yet another Heritage Minute "Sir George-Etienne Cartier"

As well as feature film appearances in Len Wiseman's 2012 remake of Total Recall and the remake of Jose Padhila's Robocop (2014), Matt has also appeared on various TV shows such as Animal Planet's Infested!A Gift To Last and The Phoenix Team on Canada's CBC network, YTV's Catwalk and FOX's Class Of '96.

One of Matt's more popular roles was in rapper Drake's award winning video for the hit song  "Started From The Bottom" in which he portrayed Drake's private plane pilot, and also appeared in the music video for Flosstradamus feat. GTA and Lil Jon's  "Prison Riot"

Not limited to just TV and film, Matt also has print and voice-over credits which include narration and character voices for Ryan North's record breaking book "To Be Or Not To Be" (audio version), along with the companion video game of the same name.

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